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African Angels

African Angels ad
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This is an advertisement from a really mainstreamy, geared toward white middle-class people magazine. So much of transracial abduction literature is like this. It appeals to white people as these big saviors who are doing kids from "foreign" places a huge gigantic favor by abducting them. Advertisements for transracial abduction exploit racist formulations of "otherness," "darkness," and "third world-ness," reinforce racist notions of the United States as the happiest and best place to raise kids, and pander to white people who think they're the world's most desirable parents. Transracial abduction ads reinforce a really fucked up white/black, first world/third world, "American"/anyone else, good/evil hierarchy, and usually include some sort of reassurance to prospective parents about the kids not having any diseases. This ad promises potential abductive parents that they can experience the underprivileged and exotic "other" cheaply and without risk of infection.