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When Ethnic Stereotypes Come True

When Ethnic Stereotypes come true
The Embodiment of Colonial Fantasies

After years of having critically studied the ugly phenomenon of international adoption, I have come to the conclusion that the worst aspect of the practice is what must called the final triumph of the colonial project, namely the international adoptees as the perfect stereotypes. I am fully aware that there are many other deplorable components involved including the painful separation from family and folk, the cynical commodification of and trade in human beings, the humiliating transportation and dislocation process, the lottery-like placing out among totally foreign people, the self-alienating assimilation process, and the perpetual threat of becoming a victim of racist violence and institutionalized discrimination.

However, what is even more worse and dangerous is to grow up with and be raised by white people, and become socialized and educated in a white culture. Contrary to immigrants' or mixed children who at least have one or two biological and cultural connections left un-severed, international adoptees are not just fully exposed to but also wholly internalizing the whole package of colonial fantasies and stereotypes being so decisive in the building up and maintenance of global Western power for the last half a millennium. The constant otherisation, racialization and fetishisation which international adoptees are subjected to in their daily lives simply create complete ethnic stereotypes embodying the colonial imagery into perfection, and constantly reproducing global white supremacy.

International adoptees are in other words nothing else but the West's most ideal subalterns ever as they voluntarily and thankfully enter into and uphold their subordinate positions. Thus, international adoption is the final triumph of the colonial project.