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The transracial abduction industry has its roots in the colonialist attacks of white america on poor people of color, domestically and internationally. The history of the united states is a history of genocide against people of color, and transracial abductions (both formal/legal and informal) have played a key role in this system of psychological, economic, cultural, and military control.

Within the united states there is a long history of children of color being taken from their families, bought and sold, put in boarding schools and "educated" in white culture and the english language. Whether this process of indoctrination happens within a slave economy, a Native American boarding school, or a white middle-class nuclear american family, the ideology behind the process is the same: total annihilation of the child's identity, language, and culture, and further disempowerment of the child's community.

Internationally, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War all resulted in huge numbers of transracial abductions, with the united states and other western "victors" profiting immensely from the destruction of families and communities in less powerful countries. Since the beginning of the american war on Iraq, the u.s. department of state has fielded inquiries from baby-hungry americans about the possibility of abducting Iraqi orphans. The pattern of capitalist war-waging followed by an increase in transracial abductions continues, resulting in major profits for the transracial abduction industry, and major destruction for people of color worldwide.

Transracial abduction as a system creates conditions under which cultural conditioning and mental colonization can occur on an intensive, individualized level. This system is secretive and silencing, and transracial abductees experience it as a life-long process. From the time abductees enter their white families the white-washing begins. Abductors send their children to industry-run culture camps that reinforce industry propaganda and further alienate children of color from their birth cultures. Now more than ever, transracial abductees are not only captives in white families in a white-dominated world, but they are also tre´┐ŻL chic fashion accessories. Commodification of children of color, and appropriation of people of color cultures go hand in hand. Today's abductors cannot venture outside without their abducted baby slung in an ethnic-print, organic baby wrap.

Long before the transracial adoption industry formally established itself in the u.s., transracial abduction as part of the white colonialist project operated in full-force. Critical abductees and our allies must remember this history as we build a movement to challenge the industry, and the racism and colonialism at its root.